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The ACA is Here to Stay: What CEO’S Should Do Now

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The decision handed down by the Supreme Court in June in the case of King v. Burwell seems to confirm that the Accountable Care Act is here to stay. While legislators and other citizens will continue to debate and posture about the pros and cons of the ACA for years to come, our perspective on the future of healthcare in the U.S. is different.

PE Investors Can Find Hidden Treasure in the Lower Middle Market


The private equity (PE) industry is experiencing a very challenging investing environment.

In simple terms, there is too much money chasing too few deals. Dry powder has soared increasing 13 % since December 2014, according to, rising to a record level of $1.24 trillion in March 2015. This amount has risen every year since 2012.  As a result, valuation multiples continue to increase, making it more difficult for PE sponsors to find profitable investment opportunities.

Aftermarket Services: The Path to Rapid Scale and Customer Service Excellence

Organizational Success

Here’s an idea that has become commonplace in recent years: an entrepreneur should restrict the scope of their company to the core capabilities that provide it with competitive differentiation and strategic advantage. And here’s another best practice, described in detail in the book Exponential Organizations: companies that want to achieve exponential growth must leverage assets that they don’t own. The authors posit that even critical activities can be outsourced as long as there is no scarcity of suppliers. But how do we apply these guiding principles in practical ways that accelerate growth and profitability? A recent experience of mine provides an example.

7 Good Reads for CEOs in 2015


The beginning of summer is a time when business leaders like you, whose daily lives involve juggling priorities and crises, might consider taking time to step back to refresh your perspective on the challenges your company faces. One way to shake up your approach is to commit to a program of reading. There are thousands of business books that claim to provide you advice.  To help you get started, here are seven books that can give you new insights on where to take your company.   

For a CEO Execution is What Counts

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Few if any attributes of an emerging growth or middle market company are more important than the credentials and capabilities of its founder or CEO. For example, imagine an investment banker considering whether to take on an early stage company as a client he will try to raise capital for. Or a venture capital or private equity professional considering whether to invest in such a company. To be sure these transaction and investment professionals will look closely at the company’s positioning, its strategy to win market share, the attractiveness of its products and services, the skills of its organization. But it is their assessment of the CEO’s track record and abilities and the management team he or she has assembled that may lead them to take a chance on the company. As one partner in a private equity fund that was considering an investment put it: “If it’s a “B” plan but an “A” team, I’ll take that deal every time.”

How to Reduce Freight Costs


In a prior blog post, we looked at 10 areas your business could save money. We looked at four of them in a little more depth: legal, banking, insurance, and audit expense reductions. Now we turn our focus to freight costs. The term “freight” includes a wide variety of costs: inbound and outbound, domestic and international, and all sizes of shipments that your company sends--from an envelope to a full container.

“Mobilizing” Your Web Site and Your Marketing Isn't Optional


For developers of both internally-facing corporate applications and externally-facing web sites, a mobility strategy is no longer an option but a necessity. The reason is simple: mobile phones are where your audience is. Wherever you see people these days—waiting for a train, on line at the supermarket, working out at the gym—they are looking at their phones. Why wouldn’t you want to transform your marketing and communications so that you can reach and influence people via that phone in their hand?

Mobilizing Your Web Site

Upcoming Expert Webcasts Showcase Expertise of Newport Board Group Partners

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Newport Board Group partners are participating in a number of upcoming sessions of Expert Webcast. Expert Webcast describes itself as a “digital source of expertise for the professional and business communities, locally, nationally and internationally.” Each session focuses on a single issue and brings together a panel of distinguished professionals from leading law and accounting firms, investment banks and consulting/advisory firms.

Newport Board Group Helps Entrepreneur Grow "Paint and Sip" Franchise

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A recent piece in the magazine Walter that spotlights events in and around Raleigh, NC profiled a fast growing local startup business called Wine and Design, a “paint-and-sip” art studio franchise. The piece tells the classic story of an entrepreneur, Harriet Mills, who has taken her company from a single location to 55 franchises in nine states.

Successfully Expand Your Business Over Seas in 10 Steps

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The following is an excerpt from an article from by Michael Evans.

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