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3 Tools to Improve Management and Board Productivity

tools to make boards work better

My experience as chair of three governing bodies and a member of four others has convinced me that many boards could benefit from clarifying their role and differentiating it from that of executive leadership. The systematic application of these three simple tools to make boards work better can greatly improve the contribution of most statutory and advisory boards.

What Early Stage Companies Need To Know About Growth and Money

how to navigate through no man's land

In earlier articles, I discussed issues confronting early stage and middle market companies. This was in relation to Markets and Model, two of the Four Ms in Newport Board Group’s framework to help companies navigate through No Man’s Land.

An Intriguing Business Opportunity for Health Care

healthcare innovations

In a previous article, I described an example of changes in healthcare delivery that can help get America past the stale debate over Obamacare toward innovation to improve healthcare while reducing its cost. What is being called “telemedicine” or “telehealth” is a potentially radical shift in how healthcare is delivered. It combines remote monitoring of patient health, remote access to doctors to overcome the barrier of distance and portable medical records and profiles.

Healthcare: Less Politics, More Innovation

technology innovations

The debate over the future of healthcare in America often seems locked in a tired zero sum game. Either you are in favor of Obamacare or against it. Either we improve the quality of care or reduce its cost. My colleagues in the Healthcare practice of Newport Board Group think otherwise. We advise healthcare innovators and the private equity firms that invest in healthcare businesses. We believe that technology and new business models can transform how healthcare is thought of and delivered, improving quality and reducing cost.

Technology: Key Ingredient of Scaling an Emerging Growth Company

scaling an emerging growth company

Getting to scale is the most important challenge that emerging growth companies face on their path to realizing their potential and generating real wealth for their investors and at least some of their executives and employees.

Returning U.S. Jobs Could Soon Become a Torrent Over The Next Decade

Returning U.S. Jobs

While there may be few issues that both political parties in the United States can agree on, over the last two decades nearly every politician and pundit has stressed the importance of returning U.S. jobs.

Business Strategy: Plugging the Leaks in Your Revenue Stream – Part 2

business strategy

Part One of this article discussed how emerging and mid-market companies often need to raise growth capital, attract an M&A or private equity deal, or boost profitability and capital readiness for other reasons. Most management teams know their ability to generate cash flow will be scrutinized as an indicator of potential to generate future returns by investors, acquirers and banks alike.

Product Roadmaps: Why You Need Them

Business Plan Roadmaps

Dwight Eisenhower once said, "In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." This quote is one of the best aphorisms a business owner can have. 

How Middle Market Companies Are Using Analytic Tools

Middle market

Reed Kingston of InsightSPI, a performance software company, recently posted a blog article on an important new development for middle market companies: tools for analytics. He says that Business Intelligence (BI), and even “big data” are becoming available for firms with limited IT budgets.

How Portfolio Companies Can Build Financial Management Capabilities

Portfolio Companies

Middle market private equity firms take different approaches to building financial management capability at their portfolio companies. After closing the deal for investment in a company, they often choose to keep the financial manager in place, whether he or she is titled CFO, controller or something else.

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