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Is Your Company’s Growth Stalled? Why You Need an Outside Board Member

Outside Board Member

Middle-market companies often operate as small fiefdoms under the control of the king, or to use a business term, the CEO. Very few mid-sized companies have a formal board of directors and for those that do have boards, CEOs tend to populate them with family, friends, and internal management.

Despite New Rules, Leasing Still A Good Strategy To Preserve Working Capital

preserve working capital

For many years companies have financed significant portions of their operations by leasing buildings, machinery, manufacturing equipment, trucks, railcars, office space, office equipment – desks, chairs, computers, copiers, etc. 

Art Medici Discusses 10 Leadership Lessons for Entrepreneurial CEOs

Leadership Lessons for Entrepreneurial CEO’s

Newport Board Group partner Art Medici was recently interviewed on two business radio shows about leadership lessons he has learned in the course of his career as an executive and entrepreneur.

How Your Company Can Benefit From Revenue Recognition Rules

revenue recognition rules

CEO’s and Boards are usually inclined to think that changes in accounting rules are matters that only their CFO needs to  worry about. Not true at all in the case of the new revenue recognition standards recently promulgated under the converged authority of the (U.S.) Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board.

4 Strategies for a Successful Business Sale

Successful Business Sale

Mergers and sales of companies are accelerating at a significant pace, and it is not just at the mega-merger level. Small and mid-sized companies are being swallowed up by larger companies flush with cash and ready to take advantage of the growing economy.

The Five Roles of a Company Board

Roles of a company board

In reflecting on many years of experience on boards, as a Chair and board member of companies and non-profit organizations and as a CEO, I believe that the roles of a company board can be boiled down to five:

Five Ways to Increase the Cash Flow of Middle Market Companies

Cash Flow of Middle Market Companies

Owning a small business is a little like having your first child.There is no instruction manual on what to do, much of the success comes from one's own instincts and there is no shortage of people who will give advice – some good and some bad

Ramping Up Private Equity Portfolio Company Financial Management

Private Equity Portfolio Company

When middle market private equity (PE) firms acquire a controlling interest in a company, their agenda for the new portfolio company is typically aggressive.

Public Relations is for Entrepreneurs Too

Public Relations is for Entrepreneurs

Although middle market companies account for over half of U.S. jobs and a third of tax receipts, their issues are often underrepresented in governmental policy-making.The Small Business Administration represents the interests of small companies, at least those looking for the various kinds of SBA financing.

A 7 Step Strategy to Drive Company Alignment

company alignment

In my last article I discussed employee alignment and the importance of promptly identifying internal or external factors that can cause employee or market misalignment.

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