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Newport Partner Helen Bulwik Reflects on Being a Trailblazer as Woman on Corporate Boards

Woman on Corporate Boards

Newport Board Group partner and retail industry expert Helen Bulwik was recently the subject of a profile in Bizwomen, a publication that highlights women’s achievements in business and the challenges they face. You can read the entire piece here.

Four Leadership Traits to Win in Business Today

Leadership Traits

In today’s extraordinarily dynamic business climate, companies face many fast emerging challenges from an ever more complex and interdependent marketplace. The shelf life of successful strategies, brands and products is constantly diminishing, requiring faster, iterative product development cycles. The destabilizing forces of technology and globalization mean that every disruptive business model is a starting point for someone else to develop the next one. All this challenges a business owner’s ability to plot out a course and stick to it.


What a Republican Congress Will Mean to Small Business

Republican Small Business

With Control of the Legislative Branch, Will Republicans Drive Business Growth?

Just a few hours after the mid-term election results were in and the Republican Party took control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate for the first time since 2006, the stock market, which some predicted to skyrocket after a Republican victory, was up less than a half of a percent.

The Power of Relationships

Power of Relationships

When we ask ourselves who within an organization has authority in a certain area of the company’s operations, we tend to automatically want to check the organization chart. That’s not a bad thing. Organizations all rely to some extent on the concepts of hierarchy, authority, accountability and decision rights. Organization charts help to communicate responsibilities and accountabilities for business activities and functions. 

Doug Tatum to be Featured Speaker at Westfield Bank's Small Business Success Symposium

Doug Tatum, Speaker for Entrepreneurs

Doug Tatum, Chairman of Newport Board Group, will be a featured speaker at an important event for entrepreneurs from 12:30-5pm EST on November 12th at Blair Conference Center at 9079 S. Leroy Road in Westfield Center, OH. The event is co-sponsored by Westfield Bank and Dorman Legacy Advisors. 

Newport Managing Director Richard Munro Shares Business Insights on Radio Show

Business Advice

Newport Board Group Southern California Managing Director Richard Munro recently appeared on Exit Coach, a show hosted by Bill Black that targets baby boomer business owners who are interested in exiting their business in the next 3-10 years.

Newport Partner Jennifer Knight Featured in Starbucks Mini Documentary

Jennifer Knight

Newport Board Group partner Jennifer Knight and the company she is President/COO of, American Woolen Company, are featured in a recently released video piece produced by Starbucks Coffee. 

Three Lessons for Private Companies from the GM Ignition Switch Debacle

lessons for private companies

At first glance, what could be more different than General Motors and the emerging growth and lower middle market companies that our firm, Newport Board Group, serves?

Management: The Key Ingredient for Getting Past No Man’s Land

shutterstock 64816498 mini

In earlier blog articles I have looked at issues confronting earlier stage and middle market companies as they traverse what Doug Tatum, our firm’s Chairman, called in his book of the same name: “No Man’s Land.” This is the phase of corporate evolution in which companies are too big to be small and too small to be big.

Should You Franchise your Business?

Franchise your Business

In several recent blog articles, I explained the distinctive advantages of the franchise business model. Entrepreneurs who have developed a localized, replicable business model should understand the option to franchise their business—especially because franchising has moved well beyond its traditional footprint in fast food, car repair etc. into a broader range of service businesses.

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